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Where real estate and giving meet

A full service real estate brokerage firm built around a charitable pledge

Charitable Broker makes every real estate transaction an opportunity for giving. Anytime a buyer, seller OR renter is referred to us by a charity, 20% of our gross commission is donated in our client's name to the registered charity of his or her choice. 


The marriage of real estate and giving is a win-win scenario for all involved. Charities receive donations, our clients feel good about giving to the causes they hold dear, and our agents are part of a meaningful new way of doing business that can help better the world in which we all live.


Management Team

Yale Klat, Esq.

Licensed Real Estate Broker

Principal Broker

(607) 227-5071


Yale co-founded the boutique real estate brokerage Manhattan Residential Group in 2010. As he managed the brokerage and its agents, he began to conceive of a new way of attracting clients. Instead of trying to compete with the big brokerages and their multi-million dollar advertising and branding budgets, Yale came up with the concept behind Charitable Broker—that by donating a meaningful percentage of commission to charities, a brokerage could thrive through its relationships in the philanthropic community. As an added benefit which would make everyone feel good, the new brokerage would be having a positive effect on the world just by doing business. 


Yale received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Cornell University (which happens to be the largest public charity in the state of New York) and is a practicing attorney. He began his legal career at the Office of the New York State Attorney General. He has formed several public charities including two animal rescues Where Hope Lives and Gimme Shelter. They have saved thousands of dogs from high kill shelters including his border collie mix Maddie. 

Jake Seligmann

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Director of Sales

(914) 525-6511

Jake is an experienced and diligent real estate agent. He truly enjoys helping his clients navigate the process of renting, buying and selling property in New York City. Jake understands that his clients are busy and sometimes can't find the time to speak during normal business hours. He makes himself available to address their concerns whenever they have time and always responds promptly to their questions. He takes his responsibility to his clients seriously while maintaining a good sense of humor throughout the process. 


Jake has worked with Yale since 2012 and has helped build Charitable Broker since its inception. As a former a professional musician and composer, he has a keen awareness of the importance that charity organizations have in the arts, and believes that giving charity is an essential part of being human. He shares Yale's vision of a real estate brokerage which can serve its clients best interests while also improving the world. 

After graduating from Brown University, Jake achieved success as a television composer, creating musical scores for nationally televised documentaries. His experience composing, recording, and delivering broadcast quality scores for national television networks on tight deadlines prepared Jake for the demanding role of real estate broker in one of the most competitive markets in the world where anything can happen and often does. Jake is ready to do whatever it takes to make sure his clients achieve their goals. 

Jake has two daughters and has lived in NYC and Westchester all his life and has bought, sold and rented property in Manhattan. He looks forward to speaking with you about your real estate goals. 


We look forward to speaking with you!

Whether you're looking to rent, buy or sell property or just want to talk about the market and get some friendly advice, we are happy to talk to you. 

Feel free to get in touch:


Phone: (646) 481-6684

NY: 576 5th Avenue Ste 704

New York, NY 10036

NJ: 42 Essex St, Lodi, NJ 07644

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