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Rebuilding Together NYC is a non-profit organization that works to preserve affordable housing, re-skill underemployed residents, and strengthen neighborhoods in all five boroughs of New York City. We transform the lives of low-income New Yorkers by improving the safety and health of their homes and community spaces, and providing workforce training and employment opportunities to advance economic development and mitigate risk factors related to poverty and homelessness. Our programs, offered free to qualified recipients, include Critical Home Repair, Accessibility Modifications, Community Center Renovations, and Construction Workforce Training and Job Placement Services.


Charitable Broker is the listing agent for all of the rental apartments in the building of my own former residence, 250 E 35th St, in Manhattan.  When I learned about CB’s charitable pledge, I told the agent about Rebuilding Together NYC’s great work, and asked for the commission to be directed to my employer.  Sure enough, Yale brought a check to my office for exactly 20% of one-month's rent (which is the entire broker fee), and we are eager to repeat those donations!


-Stanley Smith, Director of Development for Rebuilding Together NYC


The Fort Lee Athletic Club was established in 1914.  Babe Ruth trained on our ballfields.  Our clubhouse has been used for classrooms, by the Red Cross during WWII, and many other public benefit occasions.  We celebrate our long-standing commitment to charity and integrity. Consistent with our values, we manage an educational foundation that supports scholastic athletes with four-year scholarships that are given out each year to selected candidates.


Our members know that Charitable Broker will go unusual lengths to advance their real estate interests.  I have personally seen several examples of this, and wholeheartedly recommend the firm for any size real estate transaction.  Charitable Broker is an excellent way for members to support the organization in the process of buying, renting, or selling their home.   


-Donald Balistari, President of the Fort Lee Athletic Club.


Project 2024’s mission is to create a professional judo program in the US that ensures support for athletes and coaches with olympic aspirations.  It was started by US Olympic coaches to provide direct support in preparation for the 2024 Olympic Games. Project 2024 has little to do with real estate, but our supporters, like anyone, buy, sell and/or rent homes.  


Charitable Broker listed and sold my own family’s New Jersey home.  I therefore witnessed first hand the effort and professionalism that went into that transaction, and can confidently recommend the firm.  


Chris Skelley, Founder and Manager of USA Judo from 2006-2016.

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